• Video Communication
  • Connect families and friends
  • Remote health consultation
  • Conference multiple people
  • Use on any device
  • Multiple Video scenarios
  • Picture in Picture
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The Medix Care Platform is designed to empower patients and enable healthcare professionals to deliver an excellent level of care and education. We are excited to learn more about your incentives, requirements and future vision.

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We used VicoCare as our video call application to link patients and family members together. It was very important for patients in isolation to use this application on a daily basis. Our healthcare teams also used VicoCare as a family/careteam conference tool.

Multiple Hardware Options

Cross Platform Solutions

Personal Devices
Personal mobile devices remain connected to the Healthcare care team via the Medix Journey application
Managed Devices
Personal or managed Tablet solutions providing patient engagement throughout the patient journey
Bedside Terminals
Bedside Terminals provide a interactive user interface which enables patient and clinical connectivity via Medix
Healthcare TV
Smart TV's can be configured to operate via bedside remote control or from patients own mobile device