Managed Tablet

  • Managed healthcare portal
  • Tablet locked and tracked
  • Streaming services
  • Information
  • Surveys and patient feedback
  • Order services or products
  • Wayfinding and location
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Medix Anywhere

The Medix|Connect application delivers HTML5 compatible content to the users device such as: Info apps, Service request, Surveys, Meal ordering Wayfinding and Advertising and Patient Journey connectivity.  The application will provide services 24/7, enabling users to stay connected and engaged with their care team who benefit from real time feedback and can monitor a patients condition remotely.


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Find out how Medix works on a personal device

The tablets are fully controlled via the Medix | Connect app for tablet solution. The tablet is locked down so that no other changes can be made.

The Medix|Connect portal can be integrated into the hospitals own Internet gateway/Captive Portal.

All apps from the Medix \ Connect portal can be used on the tablets, information, news, games, service request, surveys or in room services are all available. The tablets will also run in both portrait and landscape mode.

Apps on the tablet can be mirrored to a TV through a single click.

Apps on the tablet can be mirrored to a TV through a single click.

Apps on the tablet can be mirrored to a TV through a single click.

Multiple Hardware Options

Cross Platform Solutions

Personal Devices
Personal mobile devices remain connected to the Healthcare care team via the Medix Journey application
Managed Devices
Personal or managed Tablet solutions providing patient engagement throughout the patient journey
Bedside Terminals
Bedside Terminals provide a interactive user interface which enables patient and clinical connectivity via Medix
Healthcare TV
Smart TV's can be configured to operate via bedside remote control or from patients own mobile device

We were able to customise the user interface to match our corporate identity which has enabled the platform to be easily adopted in the hospital.

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